About the Library: –

The Library lies at the heart of the university, providing an excellent service for students, teachers and researchers. The faculty library service was set up at the beginning of 2007.
Goals: –
1) Scientific source material supports education and trains responsible, community-minded specialists.
2) To encourage and support scientific research among students and faculty.
3) To encourage self-study among students.

Library environment: –
The library is well lit, well ventilated and contains air conditioning and comfortable furniture.

Preparation of books and titles: –
The library contains a 2584 copy and 1292 title.
Some books have been purchased from the Cairo International Book Fair and others from Khartoum International Book Fair.
Capacity: –
120 students
Administrative staff of the library: –
1)  Nafisa Ahmed Mohamed
2)  Sabah Izz al-Din
3)  Mohammed Abdel-Latif