Students consultation

  • psychological guidance

In the belief of the role of psychological counseling and academic university students who are accepted at the university is at the beginning of adolescence, which is classified by psychologists as the most difficult stage of the age complex in which explode mental, physical, sexual, psychological and emotional, which constitutes a lot of psychological and social pressures and show some negative behavioral phenomena and resulting academic and social problems Of the psychological, social and academic incompatibility of the university student.

The university offers the following services through a psychological and academic counseling unit:

Orientation sessions that help students to achieve psychological, social and academic compatibility , counseling sessions that help students to use their mental and emotional energies to help them to psychological compatibility and academic excellence , to inform students of their problems as problems of a specific age and provide guidance for compatibility with them , to combat and reduce negative behavioral phenomena among students through the guidance group , get rid of phobia and anxiety exam and guide them to ways of good scientific memorization. And other individual counseling sessions to solve psychological, family, social, academic and other problems.