International Students

Welcome  to  the  land  of  civilizations  ,Napata  and  Merowe  which are  historically  deep-rooted and dated 7000 year B.C.

We  pave the way for  you through   AbdullLatifAlhamad  University  of   Technology-   education and  learning  gate.

Welcome once  again  to the  university campus  in Merowe and Karima  cities .

Located  south of  the North state,the  two  cities are linked  to  each other by  a bridge over the River Nile.

The  region climate  is   sub-Saharan, but  grew   affected  by  Morowe  dam  lake what  makes it  rainy  in   autumn .

The  region  is  known for  horticulture and some of   casual  crops whereas  the  orchards of  date palm, mangoes  and citrus  trees   cover  both the River  Nile  banks.

Non-Sudanese  students  are offered  accommodation  in  Morowe   and  Karima  cities  at  various  levels  and  with  acceptable  prices .The  mobility  means  between  the two cities  are  available,as  well.

Both  cities  include  a number  of  restaurants  and  hotels with  calm  and safety while the Non-Sudanese  students  are  hospitably  welcomed by  the   area  residents .

What  marks  the  area  it   is  archaeological  where  it  boasts  Jebel Albarkal   site( the holy mountain),Nuri   pyramids  and  Alkurugraves    . Alkasinger    islands considered sites of attraction  and  Deer Algazali  oasis  are also situated  in the  region .

The  region is linked to   all  Sudan  cities  by   a network  of     highways dependent on a fleet  of  busses  and  an  international  airport  is  based in Moroe  city.

Equipped with modern  apparatus and  competence     from  a variety  of   world  countries ,Moroe  integrated  medical  city provides  health care.

Welcome  once again  to  AbdulatifAlhamad University- Education and Technology Gate.