Chancellor’s Speech at the Reception Ceremony for the first batch of students at the University, Professor Mohamed El-Amin Hamza,

09 Dec 2016

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful, may peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammed.

Brothers, distinguished guests

The representative of the National Endowment for the care of students

Northern State

Representative of the Secretary of the General Union of Sudanese students, state distinguished guests

My colleagues, professors and other university employees, allow me on behalf of all of our students to welcome the first batch at the University of Abdulatif Alhamad. Praise the students, who are leading the way, there will be qualified, knowledgeable science students to lead the development and change in the community.

I am pleased to welcome them in this land of history and civilization and the land of Banghee Tihraga, the land of Mherh bit Abboud and the land of Hajj Al Mahi, Tambour, Daleb, The land of the Nile, greenery, palm trees, the land of man as tall and proud of his country.

The Albdulatif Alhamad University of Technology is a national university with global aspirations that applies quality standards in its approach and outputs.

Its mission is to provide education, scientific research and community service. In this university we are keen to create an environment ideal for the staff and students. Also we are very keen to provide all the capabilities to gain distinctive students who will study according to quality and accreditation standards.

We are eager to take care of the development of creativity and talent to create an innovative generation. We are eager to foster a special culture in this university, where values and ethics are ingrained in the students. We create a feeling of belonging and want the students to rest assured that they are welcome as they would be at home. I take this opportunity to greet and thank all of those who have helped us in the establishment of this university. I would like to greet the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, pay tribute to the current government and former government, greetings to the Merowe Dam Implementation Unit. Greetings to the members of the university council, greetings to the professors, my brothers who are working at the university, salutations to the organizing committee for the concert led by the Dean of Student Affairs Dr Abdul Al-Aziz. Another salute to you my sons and daughters for your participation and attendance, may Allah reward you.