Conference on Civil Engineering – Sudan



Conference on Civil Engineering – Sudan
13-15 December 2016 – Merowe
1.  Introduction

The First Conference on Civil Engineering – Sudan (CCE – Sudan 2016) will be held in Merowein the northern Sudan during Dec. 13-15, 2016. The conference is hosted by AbdulatifAlhamad University of Technology (AAUT).



2.  About AUUT

Abdulatif Alhamad University of Technology is a public university, which was established in 2015. It was founded because the country was in need of new projects which would improve Sudan agriculturally, industrially and in a number of other ways. It is one of the key development projects in the region, along with the Merowe Dam, Merowe Medical City and Merowe Airport. All of these projects made the founding of a university a necessity to help further improve Sudan, specifically here in Northern State


3.  Aims and Objectives of CCE – Sudan 2016
  1. Present the latest research related to Civil Engineering topics.
  2.  provides a platform for scientists to exchange their knowledge.
  3. To establish research relations and to find partners for future collaboration.
  4. Draw a strategic plan for future research in the themes of the conference.


4. Themes
  1. Structural and Construction Engineering and Management.
  2. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.
  3. Road, Transportation and Geotechnical engineering.


5. Call for Contributions

The conference organizers invite the participation of all scientists and researchers on related themes from inside and outside Sudan to submit their research abstracts, papers and posters.

    *Accepted papers will be publish in the journal of the Sudanese Engineering Society.

6. Important Dates
June 5th 2016 Call of abstracts for papers/posters
August 1st 2016 Abstracts submission deadline
September 15th 2016 Full-text papers/posterssubmission deadline
October 15th 2016 Registration deadline
December 13th – 15th 2016 Conference dates


7.  Conference Preparation Committee
  1. Dr. HusamHamrawy
  2. Dr. Khalid Abdelfatah
  3. Dr. Amged Osman Abdelatif
  4. Dr. NazarYahia Ibrahim
  5. Wala Ahmed Ibrahim
  6. Wail Mohamed Elmobarak
  7. Mohanad Ahmed Hassan
  8. Telal Hassan Altaher 


 8.   Conference ScientificCommittee
  1. Professor Hussein Elarabi
  2. Professor Gafar Elnorani
  3. Professor Abdurrahman Elzebeir
  4. professor Mohamed Akode Osman
  5. Professor Gamal MurtadaAbdo
  6. Professor Salih Elhadi
  7. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Elsharief
  8. Dr. Abdul Karim Mohammad Zein
  9. Dr. Osama Daoud
  10. Dr. Mahgoub Osman
  11. Dr. Elteib Onsa
  12. Dr. Abdallah Khogali
  13. Dr. Salma Yahia
  14. Dr. Mudathir Suliman
  15. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Khadam


9. Registration and Contacts:

The  abstract submission will be through the conference website:

abstract form

E-mail:[email protected]