A cooperation Between the University and Northern TV

09 Jan 2017

A delegation from the university paid a visit to Northern TV where they met with the manager of the channel, who welcomed them. The purpose of the visit was cooperation and the cognitive exchange between both sides.

Chancellor’s Speech at the Reception Ceremony for the first batch of students at the University, Professor Mohamed El-Amin Hamza,

09 Dec 2016

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful, may peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammed.

Brothers, distinguished guests

The representative of the National Endowment for the care of students

Northern State

Representative of the Secretary of the General Union of Sudanese students, state distinguished guests

My colleagues, professors and other university employees, allow me on behalf of all of our students to welcome the first batch at the University of Abdulatif Alhamad. Praise the students, who are leading the way, there will be qualified, knowledgeable science students to lead the development and change in the community.

I am pleased to welcome them in this land of history and civilization and the land of Banghee Tihraga, the land of Mherh bit Abboud and the land of Hajj Al Mahi, Tambour, Daleb, The land of the Nile, greenery, palm trees, the land of man as tall and proud of his country.

The Albdulatif Alhamad University of Technology is a national university with global aspirations that applies quality standards in its approach and outputs.

Its mission is to provide education, scientific research and community service. In this university we are keen to create an environment ideal for the staff and students. Also we are very keen to provide all the capabilities to gain distinctive students who will study according to quality and accreditation standards.

We are eager to take care of the development of creativity and talent to create an innovative generation. We are eager to foster a special culture in this university, where values and ethics are ingrained in the students. We create a feeling of belonging and want the students to rest assured that they are welcome as they would be at home. I take this opportunity to greet and thank all of those who have helped us in the establishment of this university. I would like to greet the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, pay tribute to the current government and former government, greetings to the Merowe Dam Implementation Unit. Greetings to the members of the university council, greetings to the professors, my brothers who are working at the university, salutations to the organizing committee for the concert led by the Dean of Student Affairs Dr Abdul Al-Aziz. Another salute to you my sons and daughters for your participation and attendance, may Allah reward you.

Abdulatif ALhamad University Participated in the Final-report of “Turkish-African Universities Collaboration Forum and Education Fair”

31 May 2016

Turkish-African Collaboration Forum and Education Fair was hosted by Çankırı Karatekin University between 25-27 of May, 2016 in Turkey. There have been participants from Sudan and other 10 African Countries, 2 European Countries, 1 Asian Country. From Sudan, on the other hand, the participants were minister of higher education, undersecretary, and 56 committee members including Abdulatif Alhamad University, it was represented by the university vice chancellor Prof. Mohamed El Amin Hamza and secretary of academic affairs Dr. Hussam Eldin).
On 26th of May, Turkish Universities and African Universities have signed agreement protocols for collaboration including Mevlana Exchange Programme, Joint Exchange and Collaboration Protocol. They also agreed upon the training and the education of trainees at Vet Center education of trainees called “Sudan-Turk Vocational and Technical Education Center of Trainers” to train 15-20 trainees of for about 2-3 months in order to plan the coordination between Turkish and African Universities.
After the conference Abdulatif Alhamad university singed a memorandum of understanding with (Bartın University and Yıldırım Beyazıt University). The secretary of academic affairs Dr. Hussam Eldin made a preliminary meeting with two Turkish universities (Middle East Technical University and Yıldırım Beyazıt University) , his visit aimed to agree to exchange cultural, and scientific researches in the future.






The University Football Championship Result

29 Apr 2016

Few games live up to the hype, but this one did College of science and Technology Vs College of Social Sciences team delivered a performance for the ages. The second were the winners of the game with (0/1). They were awarded championship trophy which has been given by head of the university Prof. Mohammed El Amin Hamza.
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Delegation from the Red Sea University Visits AAUT Campuses

27 Apr 2016

A delegation from the Faculty of Arts, department of geography, Red Sea University paid a visit to university campuses, the professors and students were impressed by academic environment. They were in Merowe in order to further their understanding of northern Sudan culture and to know more about Abdulatif Al-Hamad University as the first technological university in Sudan. The delegation was welcomed by both the Prof. Mohammed Al-Amin Hamza and college’s deans.

DSC_2630-300x199                DSC_2651-300x199 DSC_2620-300x166                DSC_2723-300x199 DSC_2730-300x199                DSC_2654-300x199 DSC_2713-300x199                DSC_2632-300x199

Head of the University meets Northern State Minister of Health in search of cooperation:

Apr 2016

Prof. Mohammed Al-Amin Hamza head of Abdulatif Al-Hamad University and dean of the college of Medicine Dr. Kamal Hussein met Mr. Al-Sheikh Babikir Minister of Health in the Northern State, Dongola.The chancellor talked about the university mission, vision and aims in terms of academics and its role in serving the community. He also put forward project of family medicine for the rehabilitation of the proposed primary health centers, local coverage at Merowe and Al-Dabaa, the project covers number 17 health centers at the locality.
Dr. Kamal Hussein and provided a detailed explanation about the project, has introduced the project, he said that “the medical centers need new medical equipment and the university will provide a medical staff for the centers”. The health minister agreed to help and support this project after it will be discussed with the Council of Ministers the state legislature and at the provincial council meeting in order to approve the project.



Former Merowe Dam Director Osama Abduallah visited AAUT:

14 Apr 2016


Osama Abduallah Mohamed El Hassan visited the university campuses. He was met by the university senior administration. He highly praised the university infrastructure and the progress that has been achieved so far in creating an excellent academic environment for the teaching staff, students and the employees. He said that the students who will graduate from this university will lead the development and change in the community.

DSC_1074-300x199                                       DSC_0973-300x199

Abdulatif Al-Hamad University Signed Partnership with Dalanj University:

05 Apr 2016

DSC_0078-300x199                                                               DSC_0081-300x199 DSC_0465-300x199                                                                DSC_0324-300x199 hghg-300x186                                                                44-300x206

On 5th of April head of Dalanj University visited Abdulatif Al-Hamad University , he was met by professor Mohammed Al-Amin Hamza and other the Supreme managers. As a matter of friendship between the two universities, AAUT Signed Partnership with Dalanj University. In addition they agreed to meet and exchange student training offers. They also discussed issues related to student training opportunities and proposed suggestions to support the exchange process and practices.







Former Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha at AAUT campuses

20 Mar 2016


In his visit to the opening of Khalawi Al-quriba  Ali Osman Mohamed Taha former vice president of the republic of Sudan and his companions visited the university campuses. They were met by head of the university Prof Mohamed Al-amin Hamza. At the university he was given a brief idea about the university mentioning its mission, vision and its role in serving the community. Ali Osman Mohamed Taha gave advice and guidance in how to achieve their goals to advance the university and always remain in the lead.

A delegation from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research visited the university campuses

16 Mar 2016

On March 16th AAUT received a delegation of professors from ministry of higher education and scientific research headed by professor Azahari Omar Abdul Bagi, accompanied by finance manager professor Saleh Hassan Saleh and Professor Saad El-din Ibrahim head of the University of Dongola arrived to Merowe , they were met by professor Mohammed Al-Amin Hamza. They visited the university campuses in search of scientific development for the teaching staff and students of the university.
The vice minister highly praised the university infrastructure and its achievements during a short time.