• Scientific Cultural Association
  • Religious Association
  • Sports Association

The activities of the university, such as reception of new students, trainees and participants in foreign events and competitions sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, poetry forums and cultural nights within the university, are organized according to the specialties of the faculties and the nature of the scientific and cultural activities. Assembly composed of three officers who are Chief Secretary-General Financial Secretary (6) secretaries, deputies and members (8) members.

It is an association under which all advocacy, awareness and volunteer societies serve the community and provide material and social aid to the community around the university such as seminars, religious lectures, fundraising for patients, visits to hospitals and other voluntary work.  .

All the sub-associations that the students are involved in to provide sports activities and events are located under it. The activities of the university are organized such as the departments and colleges in all sports activities, external participations and competitions sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Association consists of three officers:

The President, the Secretary-General, the Secretary-General and their deputies, the number of (6) secretaries and their deputies and the membership of (8) members.